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Cultivate Community

The heart of Tulā

the space that allows us to bring people together + truly build on this community of wonderful creators, inventors, business owners, and environmental advocates. We are a multifaceted business + we designed our business plan to support us being a space that could offer growth + support to you in many ways. 

c u l t i v a t e :

We use our branch cultivate to aid in building your business, your community, your brand, + gather your teams together in a means of cultivating a healthy + more connected workplace environment. 

We offer photography work, digital creation, website creation, videography, and content creation from this space. We also use this as a space to host your work for others to see + to help grow your business, gain new clients, friends, + followers. 

We hold space for you to be highlighted just as much as our work. Your creations get featured here - we believe there's room for all of us. 

our portfolio

captures + edits by Whitney Tfankedjian


captured on Gabriola Island, B.C.

tulā digital work investment options



Tulā photography

1 hour session $300 
roughly 10-25 photos

2 hour session $400
roughly 25-35 photos

includes photo editing

Photography waiver to be completed + deposit required 

*Pricing Varies depending on the type of session - this is our pricing for small business + influencer photography
Please fill out the form below to book other options + quotes

Just like Tulā, our photography clients are broad!

small + big businesses, entrepreneurs, influencers, product + marketing photography.

Examples of what we've captured:

baby showers, small events, day care photo day, Yoga teachers + poses, products + retail, food photography, nature, headshots, influencer photography, groups, you in your element + organic non-structured photography


supportive pricing

Packages + Supportive Pricing

Offerings of affordable photography for Yoga + Movement teachers 

1 hour photography session $200
roughly 10-25 photos 

2 hour session $300
roughly 25-35 photos

includes editing

photography waiver to be completed + deposit required 

Other interests or quotes - connect with the form below! Let's bring your visions to life, baby!

We're here for:

offerings of photography for Yoga + movement teachers in our community at an affordable rate

options for payment plan pricing if this would be supportive for your financial wellbeing!

Local businesses + creators we've been trusted to work with

Flowers from a Country Garden

Evolution Yoga + Pilates 

Nicole Enns - Sacred Space Holder + Healing Practitioner

Spirit Sister Wellness - Reiki Healer + Yoga Teacher

Lucy St. John Yoga + Integrated Health Course

Himanshi Patel - Yoga Teacher

The Learning Ladder Children's Centre

Tatiana Barabash-Bunda - Yoga Teacher

Kaitlyn Beugh - Local Artist

Kim Morrow - The Conscious Her

Alyra Hudson - Yoga Teacher

Courtney Kaayk - Local Artist @courtneykaayk

Alexandra Kardas - Yoga Teacher

Amanda Barcellos - Yoga Teacher

Nectar Yoga

Fresh Roots Farm - Non-profit Organization 

Gaby Alanes - Yoga Teacher

One to One, A Children's Literacy Program - Non-profit Organization


Whitney Tfankedjian
Leader + Founder
Tulā - Community

photographer + digital creator

confidently connect with us here, 
share your visions for quotes + supportive feedback 

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