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Our passion at Tulā - private, unique classes.

Whitney has designed these sessions to be perfectly unique, accessible, and meant to fit seamlessly into your life.
Tulā One on One sessions are centred around traditional Yoga philosophy and practice. In this place we will learn together about the depths of Yoga, using the ethics and practice to support you on a soulful level, both mentally and spiritually.

We will also be moving through and working on Asana practice, sequences, how Asana can work for you, what might be a variation meant for your body, and how to build upon your natural practice abilities for your public class practice. When we connect with ourselves towards a deeper understanding, we can fall into a state a meditation easier. Physical Yoga practice is meant to be a moving meditation.

Your Investment in Self includes: Asana | Meditation | Pranayama | Depth of Self Work | Self Growth + Healing | Laughter
75 minute session

Add on these extras if they speak to you, kid!

Tarot talk – Tarot Talk is the use of The Wild Unknown tarot deck in our sessions or remote readings if you’re craving them, to help to answer your questions, and used as an excellent vessel to self-growth and understanding.
Add on to One on One - $30
As a single service - $50

Astrology philosophy – Astrology Philosophy is us taking an interest in your astrological make up. In this space we will be using your Sun, Moon, and Mercury Signs, as well as your Rising sign, North and South nodes to help you to gain a stronger understanding towards the answers you already know inside of you, and give you the confidence to move forward with your soul purpose. 
Add on to On on One - $30
As a single service - $50

I’m in! What’s next? A complementary 30 Minute phone or zoom consultation is all yours! We can take this time to connect with one another and work through how your sessions will look based on what you feel you need. Session options to be held at my home, online, or at your home.

Single Sessions valued at $80

Packages available with investment options set at:
3 sessions - $220
5 sessions - $325
10 Sessions - $750

A 50% deposit will be invoiced to you once we’ve booked a time together! This is non-refundable but can be moved if session is rescheduled within 4 hours before your session is set to start. If you cancel after this grace period, the deposit will not be refunded. This is to honour my work and spiritual energy that goes into your session. Your second invoice will be sent to you the day of the session! Yahoo!




I had a 1:1 Session with Whitney from Tulā - Yoga Community (and my first ever private Yoga session in general). What a nourishing experience! I felt safe and supported during the session, and appreciated how tailored it was to me and my body and goals. There was so much laughter and connection and I left feeling SO GOOD. Highly recommend Whitney for Yoga classes and private sessions.


Kaitlyn B.

As a clinical mental health professional with a heart for decolonization of my inner and outer world, I’ve been honoured to connect with my teacher Whitney. She consistently exudes a gentle approach to helping my personal practice—tremendously increasing self-compassion and dealing with forgiveness. Even though I’ve been practicing for most of my life now, just one 1-1 has contributed to major shifts in how I see and treat myself more tenderly/lovingly. This is critical to my well-being and to those I reach. Feeling grateful for this Tulā community 

Carli B.

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