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a s t e y a - non-stealing

Yama - Asteya relates to the practice of non-stealing.

+ though you might take this as monetary, and connect it to something such as an item - you can steal, take away from, remove, alter, affect, impact, ruin, or deplete in other ways. And so, you're stealing.

Ways we steal from ourselves:

Do I steal away from myself because of how I feel about my body, and not go out and do certain activities, or attend social gatherings because of it?

Do I steal away from myself in times of gathering by using much of it being concerned with how my body looks? Do I check myself out in reflections often noticing aspects of myself that I wish were different?

Does the time spent thinking about it take me away from the present moment – am I really embracing this shared time with the people I love?

Not looking for perfection, but always looking for progress.

Have I been stealing energy from myself by using too much of it negatively on things that I could let go of? Could I use my energy towards things that help connect me to me, and align with who I am more and my values?

Do I drain myself by allowing small conflicts in the day, or things going “wrong” take over my energy and my day? Do I spend too much time thinking and speaking about it? Could I let more things go?

Do you think it would be helpful to greet everything as a teaching and lesson, and with utter acceptance of what is? Do you think it would be supportive to know that lessons will repeat themselves until understood and approached differently?

“Suffering only shows you where you are attached. That is why, to those on the path, suffering is grace.” – Baba Ram Dass

Not looking for perfection, but always looking for progress.

Do I take too much from the earth? Am I wasteful, do I purchase material and superficial items often?

Do I over consume – Do I know where my food is coming from? Am I supportive of local businesses and companies or do I support big business and corporations, who in turn are inherently more harmful to the earth?

Not looking for perfection, but always looking for progress.

With laughter + gratitude,


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