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falling water

‘it’s raining – we better leave’

we need to pack up.

I need to leave.

What about the rain made you so avoidant?

What about water made you move, pick up your things, and leave?

What about the emotional body has you wanting to escape?

Why when it starts do you abandon it?

Why when it starts are the plans over?

Why does the rain have to be alone?

Why does the parking lot empty?

Why does the rain’s victories & suffering have to be practiced by itself?

We beg for rain. We beg for water. And now what?

For are you not the same as the rain? Does your pace not quicken to shelter at the same rate as the rain falls? We are the same.

Is it really the rain that makes you leave – are these your childhood knowing’s and patterns? Taught by your parents. Better get inside there little one.

What’s it like to take a deeper breath here and reflect. To enjoy the reduced amount of noise and people. To feel. How about we all feel.

Hold your hands open and allow the drops to fall. Notice that the water, the rain, the stream, the river, the ocean, moves unbothered, unaffected, quickly, slowly, powerfully, calmly, regardless of what earth wants.

For next time, I hope you stand in the rain.

With laughter,