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You're welcome to stay.

Do you ever just allow your thoughts the permission to stay?

You know those ones that just seem to keep coming up as you’re driving somewhere, as you’re having a shower, when you’re walking. Have you been patient with yourself, observed them and allowed them to be there – for exactly what they were?

Have you observed, consciously?

Instead of pushing, avoiding, dancing around, or my personal favourite trying to “silence the mind” or “stop all thoughts” – I wish I knew the meditation teacher who taught me this once six years ago, but he so boldly said “you can’t have zero thoughts, it’s impossible for your mind to be completely quiet. If it was quiet, you’d be dead. Instead observe your thoughts, and in meditation allow them to float out as easily as they came in”

What if they weren’t the type to so easily float? What if they are very heavy? I say let them fuckin’ sink. Let them be there. Show yourself you can handle their weight.

Tonight, I spoke of us noticing, being with, not letting the thoughts you had driving here to go so easily. Be with them. They are important to you, clearly. What are they? Navigate them. Practice true presence.

Consciously observe.



From the wise Sagittarius Trevor Hall:

“the more you push it 
the more it's pushin' you back

you can't rush your healing
darkness has it's teachings”

Just be with yourself. You’re doing a great job navigating yourself.

With laughter,


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