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My Favourite Props!

Hello to you!!

I'd like to take this time to share with you my favourite props from Halfmoon, Lululemon and some other places!

Yoga Strap - from

I received 5 of these straps from One Yoga before they closed in Vancouver - so many of you have used them with me! I appreciate these as they're 'back to basics' no fuss no muss.

The organic cotton allows for a lovely grip, and the buckle gives you the ability to loop it together, supportive for shapes like butterfly.

You can loop it around your back + thighs while you recline back in butterfly.

The loop at the end has been supportive for me as well as you can place your foot in it for standing or reclined shapes where you're looking for length along the back of your leg. For my taller friends this is a great addition to the strap, as sometimes looping it around your foot doesn't allow a lot of space for you to hold the strap in your hands.

Please use my code TULAYOGA15 or follow to receive 15% off of your purchase.

Meditative Weighted Eye Pillow - from

Aw, my lil baby! I was taught how to make these myself - so it's all quite wonderful. I created these to aid in your sensory deprivation practice or Pratyahara.

I created these with a satin fabric so they're silky smooth on your face, with the option of scented pillows with lavender or unscented with just rice fill.

When we made them I created them to be slightly heavier, and wider than the average eye pillow. I did this to ensure no light would come in from the bridge of your nose.

You can hand wash the outer covering, + lay flat to dry. They come with a fun Tulā tag + a Ram Dass quote on the back. Available in the shop.

3 Inch Foam Block - From Halfmoon

Ahhhhh the block - my FAVE. I'm not gonna get into it you already know. But truly it is such a versatile and supportive prop. It can nearly become anything + what the others can do it can do too!

So small + mighty. hehe.

This is the 3 inch block, I have always been a fan of the 3 inch compared to the 4 inch, though the 4 inch block being a bit wider can be super supportive for those who have more distance from them to the floor in shapes. I see the benefit of either block. I guess it all depends on preference. I think as I am a shorter individual I don't need a higher block under my seat in shapes like easy pose (crossed legged seat/Sukhasana).

Many of you have also experienced this block in my classes as I own a ton of them!!

If you'd like to know some ways to use the block in your pose practice I am more than happy to share.

Yoga Mats, 3 mm mat - From Lululemon

Lululemon happens to employ some of my favourite people + I have friends who are ambassadors for the company and they are doing such great work moving forward in our world.

This mat has always been great. I have never had a problem with it. I do not personally own one right now but I've used them a fair amount. I love it because it's good for everything. Room temp yoga or hot. (Though you will need a yoga towel, more on that below).

What's great about this mat I think is found in Vinyasa practice. This mat gives you grip but not toooooo much. You are able to FLOW! with this mat. Sun salutations, come at ya!

Oh!! And tall friends!! Lululemon also make a BIG mat to support your extra height! Wonderful.

I will invest in this mat when I'm due for my next one!

Yoga Mats, B MAT Everyday 4 mm - From B MAT

I own this mat! I love it! It's great. I love the colour + the simplicity.

This mat is veeerrryy grippy. I have heard some people say it's too grippy. I could understand that. I think that would be subjective depending on what you're doing or interested in practicing.

B MAT also has long mats for our taller friends.

They also have travelling mats!

Yoga Mats, EKO Superlite Travel Mat - From Manduka

True to its name. Super light. I also own this mat though I will say: do not leave it outside for long periods of time because you will get tree sap on it and you will ruin it.

Okay, maybe that won't exactly happen to you - but it happened to me and I would not recommend.

I purchased this for ease and for my travels to New Zealand. It weighs a total of 2.2 lbs which is totally convenient.

I will note that this mat as you'd imagine is not good for cushioning or support. It would be alright on carpet or in an airport yoga lounge. Or for covering another mat that you find in a studio or in your travels.

**I will note I did also own the Manduka Eko 5mm and it was not grippy at all and I would not recommend. This travel mat is much more grippy.

Yoga Mat Towels - From Yogarat

Another wonderful purchase if you're practicing hot yoga. I would say this is a need. Though I see some people practice without it.

I've owned two of these from Yogarat. They're microfibre - super absorbant, and dry quickly.

I have never had a problem with them, and I've always found them to be grippy. The first one I had started smelling a bit but I also used it for yeaaarrrsss and that's just kind of the way it is.

I see on their website that they do have a 'hot' yoga towel. I haven't ever used or purchased that one. I actually didn't even know they had one. Could be worth checking out.

Rectangular Bolster - From Halfmoon

I think a bolster is a great investment. You can do so much with it. I personally own this one and I have a bunch that Halfmoon gifted me as well.

Lay on it, front or back. Use it as a cushion, sit back against the wall with it in meditation. Cozy for yin.

Cozy under your knees in sweet sweet Savasana.

A great place to land your head in forward folding seated shapes.

Cotton Blankets - From Halfmoon

I loved these blankets when I first discovered them. They have a beautiful natural weight to them perfect for Savasana or your meditation practice.

A lovely addition to your Yoga Nidra practice as well.

Other ways to use your blanket are to help cushion your knees or elbows in lunging shapes or when you're folding over your front leg in pigeon pose.

Thank you very much for reading! Happy to hear any thoughts you have or if you have any questions about anything else, I'm here.

Looking forwarding to future shares of 'how-to' use your props.

With love,


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