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Reflections and Acceptance

“I think, therefore I am” - René Descartes

I’ve been reflecting on the first Yama Ahimsa this week. Through compassionate actions and thoughts, I’ve stopped negative things as they’re about happen. I’ve also detached from negative energies and conversation topics. Choosing no response instead of a catalyst of a reply. Observation. Out of Body.

I’ve practiced and like to think I’m always practicing empathetic thoughts towards others. I’m strongly rooted in my beliefs of putting myself in the shoes of those around me, and becoming a conscious observer to every one’s story, life, opinions, and different perspectives. Reflecting often post conversation or energetic exchange.

But what if, when practicing compassion, perspective focused empathy do you get the lesser result you were looking for? I ask myself: is it really the lesser option presenting itself to me as I thought? Or is it exactly what was supposed to happen? What happens when you’re a bit tired from accepting others reality when it comes at a cost to yours?

Have you often been told “it’s okay you’re strong you got this” what about those moments and days where you’re a lil over that narrative?

The answer to this is you still keep doing it. Maybe you detach more frequently. Maybe you remove yourself from your body, mind, ego. Maybe you say “hello” to your inner voice every once in a while. Recognition. And check yourself (before you wreck yourself). Trust the process. And in providing compassionate thought to others, bring that same energy and attention to detail in love and care for yourself.

Allow yourself some flexibility, softness, acceptance in your vulnerability. There is beauty in you trying. Whatever that may look like.

“By abiding in nonviolence, one’s presence creates an atmosphere in which hostility ceases.”

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – Sutra 2:35

With laughter,


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