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Ways to connect a lil differently to your Balasana (child’s pose)

Here are some ideas, ways to soften your nervous system, support yourself with modifications, + ways to take shape in your child’s pose.

Here are some Balasana 101’s

This is considered a forward folding shape, as you’re finding compression along your front body + expansion along your back body.

Typically in this shape, you press your hips back towards your heels, + softly extend your arms forward.

I like to guide a softer child’s pose - a gentle bend in your elbows + resting your forearms on the mat. Knees as wide as the mat.

Here are some other ways to find a soft child’s pose:

1. Rest your forehead on a block, bring your knees together, and extend your arms behind you, palms facing up. Use this variation shape as a means to ground.

2. Utilize your Yoga props or household items. The swap for a bolster would be a pillow or a couch cushion. You can lay your torso on the bolster to find a soft landing and support yourself if your head is feeling far from the floor.

3. You can also place the bolster, pillow, or a rolled up blanket/towel under your thighs if getting your hips to your heels feels inaccessible.

Ways to find an engaged child’s pose:

1. Find your Balasana, extend your hands + fingers as far forward as possible so that your side body expands. Utilize this to also find space in your spine.

2. Tent your hands with your arms extended forward to find some space in your underarms and shoulder space.

3. Find space in your side body by taking your hands off of the mat and onto the floor, actively reach with your hands. If you’re heading off to the right with your hands keep your left arm engaged and reaching, at the same time press your left hip back and down.

4. Stretch the inner line of your arms by taking your hands as wide as the mat, straighten your arms, forearms floating off of the mat.

5. Find space in your hips by making the child’s pose a moving one. Your entire body softens on exhales - so use an inhale to release some of the depth you’ve found in the shape and utilize your exhale to press your hips back closer to your heels.

6. Another similar shape is Pranam, a traditional prayer position. Here you’re in Balasana but instead your toes are tucked if you’re looking for this type of opening + stretch.

Continue to prioritize your breath, soften through your exhales, and remember that the shapes are a small part of your practice to self understanding + Yoga practice.

Connect with me at any time for other ideas/shares/or guidance.

With love,


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