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Care Instructions:

Outer Cover: handwash + lay flat to dry 

Inner Pouch is not washable (unless you're looking to make some rice!) 

Please do not heat the inner pouch, they are not heat safe.


Fabric Types:

Outer cover - satin, polyester fabric

Inner lining - Muslin fabric

Meditation Eye Pillow - Blue

  • Our Tulā Meditation Eye Pillow is handmade in Langley, B.C.!


    This is our new and improved pillow - some updates since our last version:

    • Eye pillows are wider than most you find out there - this allows for less light to come in around the bridge of your nose
    • Change of outer fabric, pillows are silky smooth + softer!
    • Jasmine rice fill 


    Eye pillow uses:


    Supportive for a meditation practice

    Supportive in aiding in Sensory Deprivation practice - or in Yoga, Pratyahara

    Helpful for those who suffer from migraines

    Under your knee in poses like low lunge, to cushion + protect


    Eye Pillow Specs:


    Total Weight of inner pouch - 250 g

    Filled with Jasmine rice

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