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whitney, yoga teacher + joke telling professional


capture by Bee Kent

WHitney's teaching philosophy + experience

My hopes + intentions are to create spaces in which you can practice freely. To create safety for you to be be open with yourself + others.



I hope you leave the practice with a new piece of knowledge + a contentment in your energy. I care deeply to honour that this is a practice – remembering that time, energy, knowledge, and wisdom go into a practice. I believe that most of Yoga does not happen on the mat. I don’t believe that your Yoga practice happens in the physical postures.


Some students I've connected with are not far along in their Asana practice – but are deep in their spiritual journeys.


I am motivated to teach because I want to create gentle + judgement free practice experiences. I care deeply to hold Yoga in reverence. I teach you so that your Yoga pathway supports you, mentally, spiritually, + physically. Yoga as a whole is here to guide you with ethics, meditation, reflection, self-inquiry, mindfulness, to be honest with yourself and others, and practicing kindness.


It’s my intention to always work with honouring the Eastern philosophies, history, and practices of Yoga.


I’ve held the seat of the student for 11 years, and though I’ve gained certification as a “teacher” – I will always be a student. I am here to share. I am here to listen to you share.

You may have heard me say that I am always available to talk Yoga + answer questions. 

This stands for everyone, whether you've been involved in Tulā offerings or not. I am here for you.



November 2020 – 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training  

Phoenix Community Yoga - Vancouver, B.C.


January 2021 – 40 Hour Advanced Philosophy and Pranayama

Phoenix Community Yoga - Vancouver, B.C.

November 2021 - 25 Hour Biotensegrity 

Phoenix Community Yoga - Vancouver, B.C.

December 2021 - 55 Hour Yin Yoga 

Phoenix Community Yoga - Vancouver, B.C. 

October 2023 - 35 Hour Spa Yoga

With Carolyn Anne Budgell - Vancouver, B.C.

Canadian Yoga Alliance Registered Certified Yoga Teacher 300 Hour

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