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Further your self knowledge by utilizing connection to:
us, yourself, + others.


Join us for in depth open conversation during our workshops! Together we share laughter, stories, and bring in Yoga philosophy as a means to relate with one another. 

Workshop Shares From Our Community

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Workshops with Tulā

Thank you for cultivating such an authentic and cozy community space. Your teaching style - chefs kiss!


Past Workshops

Anchor 1

Sutra Study

Sūtram - Thread



Hosted via zoom for 4 back to back weeks

Starting: September 29th, October 6, 13, 20.

6:30 - 8:00 pm PST

*recording will be sent to you if you miss the session


We will be collaborating, connecting + sharing the Sutras, learning deeper meanings, expanding upon our knowledge, translations, and aligning with the pathway of the Sutras.


Working through the text we will connect with this line of Yoga + bring deeper, respected, + authentic practice into our world.



This offering is on sliding scale

$20 and up+ whatever you can afford!

50% of earnings will be gifted to Directions Youth Services in their work to help houseless teens on the downtown east side.

(Please do no hesitate if this is a barrier for you, for money will never be a barrier here for you here with Tulā)

please connect with me to join + receive the zoom link/liabilty waiver. 
Connect through:
our contact page

email us at:

or on our instagram @tulayogacommunity 

Aspects of Asana


“We don’t use our body to get into the pose, we use the pose to get into our body” - Bernie Clark

This workshop will help you to connect with yourself - internally, through the poses, find how they work best for YOU, and how you can reach states of meditation through asana.


In this workshop we will talk about + get into flow with:



Skeletal Variation


Lines of a pose

Sun Salutations

Different practices of Yoga + how to utilize them

External validation + ego 

Making the Asana work for you

Having fun, staying youthful in your expressions, enjoying life + practice

Healing through Asana

Big Thank you to all who attended! 

March 6th 2022 

10 am - 12 pm


A two hour workshop in which we explore self soothing and

inner softness through your asana practice.

Hosted in person at Ashtanga Yoga Vancouver

1385 W 6th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6H 4A3

Healing through Asana

A two hour workshop, supportive for all levels of practice, and warmly welcomed into our safe(r) space.


Our purpose in this workshop is to support and aid you in self soothing techniques + help you find inner softness through your asana practice.


You will learn ways to nurture and work on healing through asana and in-depth work such as, cell level meditation, self-inquiry, pranayama techniques and mantra + vibration.




We hope to help support you with beautiful takeaways for your public class practice, your home practice, and your daily reality out in the world.

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