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What to expect from a Tulā - Yoga Community class

Laughter and inclusivity. Non-judgement and the feeling of support. A welcoming energy. Tidbits of wisdom, and an attention to who you are as an individual, the freedom to show up however you are in that moment. The intention of a more traditional Vinyasa yoga practice.

Attention on the mind, to support the physical self. To teach you – about many things. Lots of goodness.


I care deeply to use Yoga and Tulā – Yoga Community as a vessel to help those in need. We offer donation based classes in which all proceeds go to charity. Stay tuned for Tulā products, in which a percentage of purchases help to support people who are houseless, support women who have faced domestic violence, and do our best to help Coast Salish Indigenous communities. It’s my intention to inspire Tulā – Yoga Community students to practice mindfulness and in turn send out more conscious, open, and loving people into the world.

Teaching Philosophy + Experience

My teaching philosophy is to practice freely, to be open with yourself and others. To leave the practice with a new piece of knowledge and a contentment in your energy. I care deeply to honour that this is a practice – remembering that time, energy, knowledge, and wisdom go into a practice.


I believe that most of Yoga does not happen on the mat. I don’t believe that your Yoga practice happens in the physical postures. Some students I've connected with are not far along in their Asana practice – but are deep in their spiritual journeys.


Your Yoga pathway is here to support you with ethics, meditation, reflection, self-inquiry, mindfulness, to be honest with yourself and others, and to practice kindness. Fitness and flexibility are just a beautiful by product. It’s my intention to always work with honouring the Eastern philosophies, history, and practices of Yoga.


I’ve held the seat of the student for 11 years, and though I’ve gained certification as a “teacher” – I will always be a student. I am here to share. I am here to listen to you share.


November 2020 – 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training  

Phoenix Community Yoga - Vancouver, B.C.


January 2021 – 40 Hour Advanced Philosophy and Pranayama

Phoenix Community Yoga - Vancouver, B.C.

November 2021 - 25 Hour Biotensegrity 

Phoenix Community Yoga - Vancouver, B.C.

December 2021 - 55 Hour Yin Yoga 

Phoenix Community Yoga - Vancouver, B.C. 

Canadian Yoga Alliance Registered Certified Yoga Teacher 300 Hour



Tulā is unlike any yoga experience I have ever had. Whitney brings passion, knowledge and kindness to everything she does. No two classes are the same and I love how each week there is reflection and thought put into her practice and teachings. She embodies positivity and will guaranteed make you laugh with her effortless humour. Thank-you Whitney for creating such a wonderful space that I look forward to coming to each week!

Vanessa B.




Seeking Self
themes | connection | slowed down to tune in


6:30 - 7:30 pm

spend some time in practice with mindful movement, themes, bits of wisdom, packaged nicely in a slower Vinyasa practice

Hosted on Zoom, link sent after booking!


Samāsa Vinyasa
connective movement | alignment | gentle expansion


10:30 - 11:30 am 
Hosted outdoors in Kitsilano
Address + exact location sent after booking

samāsa - connection, union, totality

A class where we get to share space together in person, for a mix of flow vinyasa, gentle body opening + expansion

Investing in practice
By donation on sliding scale $15+
5 Class Class Pass $70
10 Class Class Pass $125


Practice Offerings

Private Class Offerings


One on One Sessions

Our passion at Tulā - private, unique classes. 

Service exchange $80

A beautiful and connected deep dive into personal self-inquiry.

Here we can work with asana (poses), self inquiry, tarot talk, or astrology philosophy. Or all of them!

Session options to be held online, at your home, or at my home. 



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Class Schedule

Dec 11 - Dec 17