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about us + how we got here

Tulā - Community a space for the creative + spiritual entrepreneur


Ancient Sanskrit word Tulā
Translates to balance, scale, equal measure, or weight

what we do + how we do it

We work with creatives + spiritual entrepreneurs helping to support them in their visions, goals, + dreams

we do this through our:

Tulā - Community Podcast

The Spiritual Entrepreneurs Podcast


With a place for you to grow both internally + externally, through Whitney's experience and work in Yoga + mindfulness practices - we believe this supports you in entrepreneurship + business. We offer you a platform through our socials for your business, creations, artwork, + photography. We even have a shop to feature your work in!

Grow with us, in oh so many ways. 

why we do what we do

Tulā - Community

We created this space to be a platform for us to share your work just as much as it’s a space for us to share ours.

all of our work + offerings are rooted in working with spiritual and creative entrepreneurs 

supporting them with visibility, photography, content, + a community to come to when in need of connection + self-employed knowledge.


The creation of Tulā - Community started with our work in the Yoga space

Our vision revolves around heart-led business, support for one another, + deep community connection between us all

We continue to draw strongly on our spiritual practices in all of our work

Our short term vision is rooted in creating community + connection. We are so grateful for those who are a part of Tulā + share their time + trust with us.

Long term we're always working to be an equal opportunity employer with growth at the forefront. We have grand visions of the Tulā space + can't wait to see you there when we get there.

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Why Tulā?

Translates to balance, scale, equal measure, or weight


Balance. In many forms. 


Tulā was partially created to provide support for people in need, and work towards actions that help create balance on the socio-economic level. 

We often provide offerings in which full or partial payments are gifted to organizations in need.

about whitney


Whitney Tfankedjian

I'm a passionate + highly motivated spiritual entrepreneur who leads with my heart + intuition.

I grew up in business, watching my grandfather, father, uncles, aunts, + family friends creating their own realities by working for themselves.

Entrepreneurship + self-employed mentality has always been at the forefront + it's important for me to offer a service with intention + love.

In that I've always wanted to create my own expressions, art, + do my own thing. I live a life that's rooted in bringing something special to the world + getting out of the 'norm'

Capture by Brenda Kent Colina

North Node Capricorn
Mercury Leo
Venus Leo
Mars Taurus

We're anti-capitalistic over here + know that there's more than enough 'room' for everyone

Your work is important + we're here to help highlight that for you.


Tulā - Community is a direct translation of who I am. 

My main goal in life is to make people laugh. My second is to help.


Curious gal
Do-er of things
Yoga obsessed
Community Connector

Capture by Wild Wren Creative
Capture by Brenda Kent Colina
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