Ancient Sanskrit word Tulā - तुला

Translates to balance, scale, equal measure or weight.

 Whitney Tfankedjian 



I would like to acknowledge that I live and work on the stolen land of the Coast Salish Peoples.

Hello! I'm Whitney! I'm so grateful to introduce you to our humble + mighty Tulā - Community. I'm a joyful graduate of just over 320 hours of Yoga Teacher Training, completed with Phoenix Community Yoga in Vancouver, B.C.

We are a heart based + intuitively led so called 'business' fuelled by giving back and working on offering support to those in our communities in need. 

Work we've done thus far


Financially supported through our Yoga classes:

Atira Women's Resource Society in their mission to end violence against women + children

Our Saturday morning class in 2021 Dāna Vinyasa provided all earnings to this organization

Our winter 2021 solstice gathering donated 50% of all proceeds to Critter Care Wildlife Rescue

Our Last Sunday of the month class of Samāsa Vinyasa provides all profits to local organizations in need - our last donation in March 2022 was to Nature Trust British Columbia

In April our free offering - Practice Principles gifted all donations to Directions Youth Services to support their mission in providing aid to homeless teens on the downtown east side of so called Vancouver

We're also supported our students who are facing financial hardship by putting together packages that work for them, offering mini sessions, offering classes on sliding scale pricing, and being open to trades + skill exchanges.

Why Tulā? Balance. In many forms.

In community - My main goal is to provide support for people in need, and work towards actions that help create balance on the socio-economic level. We've been known to provide percentages of our offerings to non-profits in our communities.

In myself - Balance has been a self inquiry and focus for many years of my life. In astrology, my birth date is on the Cancer-Leo cusp. Cancer ruled by the moon, Leo ruled by the sun. Opposite, contradictory energies and qualities. 


Our sun/moon logo is very personal to me, and was drawn by Anthropologist, Tulā Team Member, and Film Maker - Morgaine Lee, find her at morgainelee.com. The logo was edited and put into digital format by my dear friend Giulia, find her and Scott at elevatemedia.ca. All photos of me are taken by my very special friend Brianna find her on instagram at @brebakerphoto.

I would also like to acknowledge and hold space for the kindness, intelligence, and wisdom for the people I've met throughout my life, all of them teaching me valuable lessons. For the people who have supported me wholeheartedly - I fully recognize the importance of community in my life, and I would not have connected the dots to Tulā without these individuals. So to you, thank you. 

Tulā - Community is a direct translation of who I am. 

My main goal in life is to make people laugh. My second is to help.

With laughter + in Oneness,

Whitney Tfankedjian

Founder + Leader | Tulā - Community