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Artwork captured by Bee Kent


Ancient Sanskrit word Tulā - तुला

Translates to balance, scale, equal measure or weight.

About us + how we got here

We believe in true Yogic fashion that nothing is separate. Everything is connected. We are a heart led, so-called 'business' motivated by giving back to those in need.

We have many interests! We could never land on a single thing to do - nor do we believe that you need to! 

Here in this space we work to connect communities, we give you a platform for your work, your shares, your knowledge, and to aid you in your personal growth. 

With a place for you to grow both internally + externally, through mindfulness practices, we support you on a spiritual level through Yoga work, to help you to be the strongest + most understood version of yourself. We believe this supports you in entrepreneurship + business. We offer you a platform through our socials for your business, creations, artwork, + photography. We even have a shop to feature your work in! 

Grow with us, in oh so many ways. 

Extentions of Tulā


the one that started it all! The Yoga Community really gave Whitney the confidence to pursue the rest of Tulā dreams. 

Here we work in all of these areas of Yoga + spirituality work     ->

We offer virtual membership, workshops, free classes + other goodness.

Connect with our offerings + deepen your practice 

Tulā - Yoga Community


Tulā - Community

We created this space to be a platform for us to share your work just as much as it’s a space for us to share ours.

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Nourish Community

Nourish - includes all of these wonderful things

Whitney is a self taught chef with a massive passion for all things food, salty + sweet! 

We offer food photography, shares of recipes, + ideas, and are option aware for those who have allergies + intolerances. 

This is also a great place for us to connect with you + share local food businesses + those who are making changes in the culinary world. 


Cultivate community

Cultivate - a special space. We believe everything is centred around this. 

It's through Cultivate that we're able to hold space for you, to build our community. It's through Cultivate Community that we host our podcast.

In Cultivate we offer to you our Photography work, to aid you in your growth. Connect further with our digital media menu.

Cultivate work also involves our work connecting with those in need, as we grow stronger to have an extension of Tulā be a non-profit + equal opportunity employer. 


sustain community

Sustain - the space in which we talk + share earth-stuffs.

In sustain we chat with + use our platform to connect you with eco tips, products, sharing of them in our shop. If ya didn't know Whitney took (+ dropped out of) environmental sciences in university! 

We also use this as an opportunity to keep the chats in our podcast broad. Bringing in advocates of mother earth. 

We love to capture nature + share yours as well. We're always happy to have your eco prints or art in our shop. 

Our purpose

Why Tulā?

Balance. In many forms. 


Our main goal is to provide support for people in need, and work towards actions that help create balance on the socio-economic level. 

We often provide offerings in which full or partial payments are gifted to organizations in need,

Work we've done thus far


Financially supported through our Yoga classes:

Atira Women's Resource Society in their mission to end violence against women + children

Our Saturday morning class in 2021 Dāna Vinyasa provided all earnings to this organization


Our winter 2021 solstice gathering donated 50% of all proceeds to Critter Care Wildlife Rescue


Our Last Sunday of the month class of Samāsa Vinyasa provides all profits to local organizations in need - our last donation in March 2022 was to Nature Trust British Columbia


In April our free offering - Practice Principles gifted all donations to Directions Youth Services to support their mission in providing aid to homeless teens on the downtown east side of so called Vancouver

Our September virtual workshop Sutra Study gifted 50% of all donations to Directions Youth Services.

We support our students who are facing financial hardship by putting together packages that work for them, offering mini sessions, offering classes on sliding scale pricing, and being open to trades + skill exchanges.


About Whitney

Curious gal
Do-er of things
Yoga obsessed

Community Connector

I'm a gal who wants to create, share, learn, + authentically connect over kindness + curiousity. 


I would like to acknowledge and hold space for the kindness, intelligence, + wisdom offered to me by those I’ve met in my life, all of them teaching me valuable lessons. For the people who have supported me wholeheartedly - I fully recognize the importance of community in my life, and I would not have connected the dots to Tulā without these individuals. So to you, thank you. 



Tulā - Community is a direct translation of who I am. 

My main goal in life is to make people laugh. My second is to help.


With laughter + in Oneness,

Whitney Tfankedjian

Leader + Founder

Tulā - Community

Tula Branches - Full Web_Transparent-01.png

Welcome to our multifaceted space here at Tulā

we would like to acknowledge that we live + work on the stolen land of the Coast Salish Peoples

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